Sustainability and transparency as a strategic business value

Sustainability and transparency are increasingly becoming a necessity for companies not only from business opportunity perspective but also as a founding element at the legal level. This will be the theme we will explore at the conference organised by Unismart in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Padua. The event entitled “Corporate sustainability and false myths: the scientific approach applied to the new EU Corporate Sustainability Directive” will be held in Padua on 22nd of February at 4pm.

The objective of the initiative is to take an in-depth look at the EU Directive 2022/2464 CSRD on Corporate Sustainability and how it will impact multinational companies and large and small listed companies. The publication of this directive will change the corporate sustainability reporting standard set out in the Non-Financial Reporting Directive in that it will extend the obligations to report on social and environmental sustainability performance to the above-mentioned companies as well.

This directive requires the regular calculation and reporting of business impact data. The information will have to be made available to the public in order to make companies accountable to citizens. In this way, practices such as greenwashing can be reduced, and companies’ reporting made more transparent and reliable.

The final objective of the new directive is to strengthen the European socio-economic context in order to make information about companies more reliable and to support citizens in making more responsible and sustainable decision-making. In this way, it is also possible to lay a solid foundation for international transparency standards to implement these important requirements worldwide.

For more info and for registering to the event please visit: https://www.unismart.it/spin2b-sostenibilita-impresa-falsi-miti/