SpinQuality is born: Consultancy and Training Services

SpinQuality is a Spin Life s.r.l. brand (Spin off of the University of Padua) that identifies a specific area of activities and proposals aimed at public and private sector organizations.

We offer innovative consulting, research and training services, developed and consolidated from the world of scientific research on quality management systems and similar technical projects, supporting companies, public organizations and laboratories in the path towards the development of an efficient management system and certification or accreditation.

Our activities are mainly aimed at providing support for ISO 9001 certification, ISO 17025 accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories, ISO 15189 accreditation of medical laboratories and ISO 17034 accreditation of reference material manufacturers.

In support and completion of these activities we also provide technical-scientific services for the development of detailed issues, such as the management of measuring instruments, risk management, the development and validation of test methods.

For this reason, our commitment is constant to ensure that the results of our research are available to all organizations, public and private.

We believe in efficient process management, as a driving force for growth to guarantee the service or product offered.