Prof. Manzardo talks about packaging and sustainability at the Largo Consumo conference

On the 10/09/21 the conference “Sostenibilità e packaging nel New Normal” was held by the Osservatorio Packaging del Largo Consumo. Prof. Manzardo, partner and co-founder of Spinlife, was invited to talk about how Italians perceive the relationship between packaging and sustainability.

During his speech he explained that Italians are aware of the importance that sustainability has on our life. They prefer buying products that have a packaging which illustrates the efforts that producers have made towards sustainable development. Consumers tend to buy goods that respect and safeguard the environment and they choose products made by companies that are capable of transmitting this commitment.

However, consumers are not always capable of recognising products that have a sustainable packaging. In most cases they choose products that are characterised by low environmental performances form a life cycle perspective, believing that they are environmentally friendly.

Therefore, Prof. Manzardo explains that it is important to maintain and encourage this trend towards buying products characterised by a sustainable packaging, but consumers need to be educated to make them more responsible and informed.

Please visit this link if you want to have more info about the conference: https://www.nomisma.it/osservatorio-packaging-del-largo-consumo-sostenibilita-e-packaging-nel-new-normal/?cn-reloaded=1