Pioneering LCA study for recycled plastic pallet

Relicyc is a manufacturing company that turned circular economy into its core business. For over 40 years it has been involved in the recycling of packaging, from collection to the reintroduction of recycled and/or reclaimed pallets into the market.

The collaboration between Relicyc and Spinlife is aimed at conducting a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study of the Logypal product, a completely recycled plastic pallet. The project has two main objectives:

To evaluate interventions aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of the product throughout its life cycle. Indeed, the circularity of a process does not exclude the possibility of identifying paths to improve the environmental footprint.
Have a verified tool for communicating the product’s environmental performance. For this reason, the next objective is to obtain the EPD, which will be added to the numerous other certifications in the environmental and traceability fields already held by the company.
Obtaining the EPD will be a new element, as to date there are no certifications for pallets (wooden or plastic) in the register of the leading programme operator in Europe ‘The International EPD System’. Thanks to Relicyc’s strict control over the entire supply chain of its product, it will also be possible to provide the market with environmental information with verified and controlled data.

Considering the ubiquitous presence of pallets in production realities, being able to provide timely information on their environmental footprint becomes a strategic and competitive element, especially in an economic fabric that is increasingly attentive to the sustainability of its supplies.