Mobility in line with the environment – Spinlife and Tecno ESG study the life cycle of Firema’s Metro Catania CT0 rail vehicle

Titagarh Firema S.p.A., a major player in the Italian railway industrial landscape, has embarked on a significant path toward sustainability with the aim of promoting mobility in line with the environment.  

In response to the growing attention to environmental issues and the spread of certifications in the transportation sector, Firema decided to commission Spinlife and Tecno ESG, a Life Cycle Assessment study aimed at obtaining Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification for the Metro Catania CT0 rail vehicle 

EPD is a Type III environmental declaration that provides detailed, verifiable and non-misleading information on the environmental aspects of a product throughout its life cycle and with respect to all environmental impacts. The study was conducted according to the principles and requirements of the International Standards and Reference PCRs.  

The consulting teams of Spinlife and Tecno ESG supported Firema along the entire path, which started in April 2023 with the identification of the vehicle and the target, passing through the data collection and processing of the LCA study through the SimaPro software, until the support during the final verification, which will take place in early 2024.  

The life cycle analysis of the Metro Catania covered all stages from production and extraction of semi-finished products to assembly, distribution, use and end-of-life treatment.   

The results obtained will be subject to third-party verification and subsequently made public on the Program Operator’s website.  

Certifying one’s products not only confers environmental benefits but also offers commercial advantages by positioning the product in line with the sustainability requirements demanded by Operators and business partners.  

Following the success of this first collaboration, Firema has decided to undertake a new study with Tecno ESG and Spinlife regarding the Carbon Footprint of the entire organization. In this case, the study will not focus on a single product, but on all activities associated with Firema, with reference to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals.  

Spinlife and Tecno ESG look forward to continuing this cutting-edge partnership and contributing to Firema’s sustainability journey.