Water Footprints of products and organizations

Individually tailored business consulting services for organizations in the public and private sectors in the field of measuring the Water Footprint of products and organizations (ISO 14046: 2016 Environmental management – Water footprint – Principles, requirements and guidelines)

We calculate the Water Footprints of products and organizations in order to support the competitiveness of businesses.

Our service

Calculating the environmental impacts of products and processes has become an implicit requirement for lasting success in organizations operating in national and international markets. Many countries have launched voluntary initiatives (such as Italy’s Environmental Footprint Assessment Programme and the Made Green in Italy initiative) that provide support for the environmental excellence of products and organizations that have assessed and pledge to reduce their environmental footprints (also known as ecological footprints).

The term “Footprint” refers to a measurement of the potential environmental impacts of a product or organization, focusing on specific issues of significant interest for the community, such as managing water resources (Water Footprint). Life Cycle Assessments have a broader scope, whereas Water Footprint assessments focus on the impacts on water resources.

It may be necessary to calculate a Water Footprint rather than carrying out a more comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment due to a focus in the markets on water usage and the scarcity of resources, in order to take part in public calls for tenders featuring Minimum Environmental Criteria, or so that the environmental commitments of companies can be presented more simply and directly.

Our service is structured as follows:

  1. Studying and measuring: we conduct critical analyses of the business contexts of our clients in order to gain an understanding of the expectations in the markets in terms of sustainability. We use an assessment model that has been developed by Spinlife thanks to contributions from research activities carried out with the University of Padua.
  2. Innovating and implementing: we calculate the overall Water Footprints of the products, processes or organizations that we assist in order to gauge their potential impacts and benefits in terms of climate change. We follow ISO 14046: 2016 (Environmental management – Water footprint – Principles, requirements and guidelines) and we provide our clients with a research report that can be critically reviewed by a third party.
  3. Improving and certifying: we provide advice during the critical review and the process of managing relations with the certification body. Spinlife will assist you until you have received the conformity assessment or a third-party critical review. In addition, we manage arrangements with institutions such as the Ministry of ecological transition and assess the possibility of accessing Ministerial programmes that recognize the environmental excellence of products.
  4. Communicating: we provide technical support for communication initiatives to report the results of projects, drawing up dedicated summary documents to cater to the specific needs of clients.