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Individually tailored business consulting services for organizations in the public and private sectors in the field of product Life Cycle Assessments

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In the international community, the growing interest in environmental matters and the management of scarce resources is having a concrete impact on the market shares of more and more companies. According to recent European statistics, over 85% of consumers are increasingly taking environmental factors into account in their purchasing decisions for new products and services (EU, 2015).

Against this backdrop, thanks to the experience that it has built up in the field of science, Spinlife has put together a selection of innovative services that can be used to draw up effective business strategies, starting with Life Cycle Assessments for products, processes and organization of operations.

Life Cycle Assessments are a means of calculating all of the potential environmental impacts during the life cycles of products or services, from raw material extraction to all of the manufacturing and transformation processes, and finally end-of-life management. All inputs and outputs of materials and energy during the processes in a life cycle are assessed and then viewed in terms of their environmental impacts (the consequences for the environment).

A Life Cycle Assessment can be full and take into account all environmental matters in accordance with the international standards ISO 14040:2006 (Environmental management – Life cycle assessment – Principles and framework) and ISO 14044:2006 (Environmental management – Life cycle assessment – Requirements and guidelines), or focus on certain specific environmental matters such as climate change or water shortages and the associated footprints in accordance with the international standards ISO/TS 14067:2014 (Greenhouse gases – Carbon footprint of products – Requirements and guidelines for quantification and communication) and ISO 14046:2016 (Environmental management – Water footprint – Principles, requirements and guidelines). Carrying out these assessments for products can help the companies that we are assisting to earn the right to display environmental labels or make self-declared environmental claims about products, under initiatives such as Ecolabelling systems, EPDs, and Made Green in Italy.

Life Cycle Assessments and Sustainable Business Management

Developing Sustainable Business Management systems with our professional team helps to move companies towards more judicious environmental management of products.

ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use) forms the cornerstone of our working method. The latest review of the standard introduced an outlook on business processes based on the same approach that is behind Life Cycle Assessments. Nowadays, in order to pursue successful, sustainable business development it is necessary to look beyond the horizons of the company itself and check whether the suppliers and stakeholders in the production system share the same core principles.

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