Minimum environmental criteria

Individually tailored business consulting services for organizations in the public and private sectors in the field of process certification in compliance with Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM)

We can assess your processes and accompany you on the road to participation in public calls for tenders in accordance with Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM).

Our service

Interest in the international community in environmental issues and in particular in the consequences and effects of climate change (such as rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and prolonged periods of drought) is having a tangible impact on the circulation and market for products in Europe and worldwide. One of the areas of the market that is most affected by this greater awareness is public procurement. Public authorities are required to make environmentally responsible choices when they purchase goods and services.

This is due to legislation such as Directive 2014/24/EU (regarding green public procurement), which was implemented in Italy by an “An action plan for environmental sustainability in procurement in the field of public administration”. The latter establishes minimum requirements called Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) that must be used in public calls for tenders. Consequently, a growing number of companies are forced to show that their products and services satisfy these criteria.

Against this backdrop, thanks to the experience that it has built up in the academic world, Spinlife has developed an innovative service that starts by assessing the products and processes of companies and can identify and put into practice all of the steps needed to ensure that they comply with Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM).

Our service is structured as follows:

  1. Studying and measuring: we conduct critical analyses of our clients in order to check whether they meet all of the organizational requirements for taking part in public calls for tenders in which it is necessary to satisfy Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM).
  2. Innovating and implementing: taking into account the specific applicable criteria, we provide support for the development of specific projects, such as the development of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use) or Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009 (EMAS III) and Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1505 of 28 August 2017 amending Annexes I, II and III to Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009.
  3. Improving and certifying: we provide support during the development of management and technical projects that enable our clients to achieve specific goals (such as using recycled raw materials), and also during all third-party certification activities by accredited certification bodies, until the certificate in question has been awarded.
  4. Communicating: we provide technical support during the process of drawing up project proposals that will be presented in response to public calls for tenders by our clients.