Green Finance – Green Bonds and Green Loans

Individually tailored business consulting services for organizations in the public and private sectors in the field of green finance

We carry out strategic assessments of planned projects to improve the sustainability of businesses pursuing green financing.

Our service

Green bonds are playing an increasingly important role in funding the activities required to make the transition to a sustainable economy. They can take the form of any type of listed or unlisted bond or debt instrument in the capital markets that is listed by a European or international issuer that complies with the EU Green Bond standard and other voluntary standards such as ISO 14030-1, 2, 3 and 4, and Climate Bonds Initiative.

The aim of these non-legislative, voluntary standards is to improve the efficacy, transparency, comparability and credibility of the green bonds market, thus encouraging players in the market to issue and invest in green bonds.
Our service can help you to meet all of the requirements for access to green financial instruments. It is structured as follows:

  1. Studying and measuring: we conduct critical analyses of your business context and the sustainability measures that you intend to take and fund using “green” financial instruments, so that they can be aligned and satisfy the requirements outlined in the taxonomy.
  2. Innovating and implementing: we analyse each project and use the results to establish the business strategy, support the environmental objectives and provide details about all of the key aspects regarding the use of proceeds, the processes and the required reporting activities.
  3. Improving and certifying: we provide support during the critical review and the process of managing relations with the certification body. Spinlife will assist you until you have received certification or a third-party critical review.
  4. Communicating: we provide technical support for communication initiatives to report the results of projects, drawing up dedicated summary documents to cater to the specific needs of clients.

The benefits

The main benefits of adopting recognized standards in order to access green financing instruments are as follows:

  • Ensuring that projects are eligible for funding thanks to connections with the taxonomy.
  • Certification of projects limits the likelihood of disputes, thus reducing the reputational risk for issuers of green financial instruments.
  • It gives you clear, transparent and scientific understanding of the environmental performances that can be attained by implementing the project, thus enabling you to line up and plan further improvement measures.
  • If you have a critical review and certification of the results achieved, it helps to harness the sustainability of your company.