Carbon neutrality

Consulting services for organizations seeking to reduce and neutralize greenhouse gas emissions

We analyse your product or organisation to ensure it does not cause a net increase in the global emissions of greenhouse gases

Our services

Making a product, service or organizational approach carbon neutral means ensuring that the net greenhouse gas emissions for its entire life cycle are zero. This will completely eliminate its impact on the climate and bring significant improvements to its environmental performance.

Working in accordance with standards such as ISO 14064 and ISO 14067, we can calculate the carbon footprint of your organization or product in a globally recognized way and we support you in the entire journey towards obtaining the certification. A carbon footprint is a measurement of the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product or process throughout its life cycle. Once it has been calculated, a long-term “Carbon Management Plan” can be produced, setting out the strategy to reduce and offset emissions over a number of years. Working in accordance with norms such as the PAS 2060, GHG Protocol and Carbon Trust standards, we can plot a transparent, reliable and globally recognized path to net-zero climate change gas emissions.

The key to net zero lies in a combination of offsetting and reducing emissions. Offsetting involves buying carbon credits that compensate for a certain amount of GHG emissions. We work with reliable companies that can provide these credits and we will help you to find the most competitive price in the market. When it comes to reducing GHG emissions, we can assist public and private organizations with the development of tailored strategies. We conduct in-depth analyses of the specific circumstances in each case in order to decide upon the best actions, technology and investments to reduce the impact on the climate.

Furthermore, we can provide assistance on the communication front, helping you to produce transparent, trustworthy news articles, reports, press releases and web pages that showcase your commitment to reducing and neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we can make sure you optimize the use of carbon neutral labels on your products and announcements, so that you are informing your customers about your efforts to fight climate change simply and effectively.

The benefits

Moving towards carbon neutrality brings the following benefits:

  • You will have reliable, transparent data about your impact on climate change, so your stakeholders will know they can count on the quality and sustainability of your products and processes.
  • You can improve your environmental performance and take action to eliminate inefficiencies and cut costs in your products and processes.
  • It will give you a competitive edge in the market, pave the way to constant monitoring and improvements to your sustainability performance, and promote innovation in products and processes.
  • It will ensure that you comply with new legislation requiring you to provide environmental studies about the products that you put on the market.
  • You can cater to the needs of eco-conscious consumers and develop a communication strategy to attract new customers.
  • You can take part in public calls for tenders that require information about strategies to reduce the impact on climate change.