Carbon strategy

Consulting services for organizations seeking to calculate, mitigate and neutralize greenhouse gas emissions in order to reduce their impact on climate change.

Our services

Climate change is a global phenomenon that is leading to numerous economic, environmental and social problems. Nations and organizations all over the world are afflicted by the negative impacts of rising global temperatures caused by excessive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, so it is essential to develop strategies to reduce and offset them.

Carbon Strategy is our package of services that helps public and private organizations to calculate, reduce and neutralize the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. With the support of our consultants, GHG emissions assessments can be drawn up for products or organizations in order to create a specially tailored strategy to reduce, offset and eventually neutralize emissions.

The process begins with detailed analysis of each organization’s circumstances so that the main sources of climate change gas emissions can be identified. Next, a Iong-term “carbon management plan” is prepared in a transparent and structured way. This plan sets out all of the actions that will be taken to reduce and offset GHG emissions in pursuit of carbon neutrality. By taking these steps, we help public and private organizations to create products, processes and organization systems with a net-zero impact on climate.

Another way in which we aid our clients, is in the development of communication strategies to keep their stakeholders informed about the measures they are taking in the fight against climate change. With our support, they produce news articles, press releases, web pages and scientific reports to let the public know about their GHG emissions reduction and neutralization initiatives, targets and strategies.

The benefits

Developing a management strategy for greenhouse gas emissions brings significant competitive benefits in the market:

  • You can apply for certification based on internationally recognized standards (such as ISO 14064 and ISO 14067), so that you can guarantee to your stakeholders reliable and valid data about the sustainability performances of your products and processes.
  • Reducing and offsetting your GHG emissions will improve your environmental performance, cut costs and make your processes more efficient.
  • You will be complying with new legislation that requires you to provide environmental studies about the products that you put on the market.
  • You can satisfy the needs of increasingly eco-conscious consumers and develop effective, transparent communication to attract new customers.
  • You can take part in public calls for tenders that require bidders to have studies of this kind and strategies to reduce their impact on climate change.

Carbon strategy and sustainable business management

Creating products and processes with a net-zero impact on climate makes organizations more competitive in the market. They can provide products and services offering better environmental performance, satisfy the needs of current and new customers, and meet the requirements of new legislations. The entire supply chain must be involved in this process and encouraged to put in place processes with low GHG emissions. The following Spinlife services can help you to achieve these goals and make improvements all along your value chain: