Management systems for Sustainable Development in Communities

Individually tailored business consulting services for organizations in the public and private sectors in the field of management systems for sustainable development in accordance with the ISO 37101:2016 international standard (Sustainable development in communities – Management system for sustainable development – Requirements with guidance for use)

Territorial management in pursuit of sustainable local development.

Our service

The United Nations launched its Sustainable Development Goals in order to provide a framework within which objectives and actions could be put in place to pave the way to a sustainable future. One of the goals is to make cities and local communities sustainable, but how can this be achieved systematically?

The answer lies in the ISO 37101:20016 international standard, which enables organizations representing local communities to gain an understanding of where they currently stand on the sustainable development front. It highlights the areas where it is necessary to take action in order to give rise to new strategies that can bring out the best of the organizations in terms of sustainability.

Our service is structured as follows:

  1. Studying and measuring: we conduct critical analyses of the contexts and intentions of our clients, along with all other sustainability-related matters. We then use them to draw up effective sustainability policies. We set specific improvement objectives and carry out regular checks to see if they have been achieved.
  2. Innovating and implementing: we develop the procedures required to ensure that the sustainable development management system is streamlined, easy to put into practice and compliant with ISO 37101. We also monitor measures taken in compliance with the relevant legislation, showing the utmost attention to detail in every single aspect so that certificates of conformity can be provided by independent bodies.
  3. Improving and certifying: we provide consulting services for clients working towards ISO 37101 certification and managing relations with assessment organizations or competent bodies.
  4. Communicating: we put into practice an active external communication process and will draw up a sustainability report containing data and information about performance on the environmental, social and economic fronts, as well as a description of your future commitment to making ongoing changes in your organization.

The benefits

The main benefits of developing a management system for sustainable development in communities and cities in compliance with ISO 37101 are as follows:

  • Improving your organization’s awareness about sustainability
  • Improving your organization’s image
  • Improving communication between stakeholders
  • Constant monitoring of compliance with legislation