AFV Beltrame Group, a leading manufacturer of steel rolled products and profiles, relies on Alperia and Spinlife for EPD certifications of its products

AFV Beltrame Group, synonymous with excellence and innovation in the production of merchant rolled products and special profiles, considers sustainable development and the pursuit of continuous improvement as fundamental values.

In line with the path of responsible industrial development undertaken for many years, AFV Beltrame Group decided to commission Alperia to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment study aimed at obtaining Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification for six products, five steel and one industrial aggregate, manufactured in four different plants. Alperia, the main operator in the energy sector in South Tyrol and one of the largest producers of renewable energy in Italy, relied on the expertise of Spinlife, a Spin-off of the University of Padua, to carry out the activities and subsequently obtain EPD certifications for the products:

  • hot-rolled merchant profiles (Italian and French plants);
  • rebar (French plant);
  • industrial aggregate (Italian plant).

EPD is a Type III environmental declaration that provides detailed, verifiable and non-misleading information on the environmental aspects of a product throughout its life cycle and with respect to all environmental compartments. The study was conducted according to the principles and requirements of the International Standards and the related PCR.

The consulting teams of Alperia and Spinlife supported AFV Beltrame Group all along the way. The project started at the end of September 2023 with the identification of the products to be anlaysed and the objectives. Then the data for the study were collected and processed to create a LCA model through the SimaPro software. Finally, the consulting team provided support during the final verification, which took place in December 2023.

The life cycle analysis of products “from cradle to gate with options” covered the stages of raw material acquisition, product manufacturing, product distribution, and assumptions on end-of-life scenarios.

The results obtained were subject to third-party verification and subsequently made public on the Program Operator’s website: https://www.environdec.com/library

Certifying one’s products not only confers environmental benefits but also offers commercial advantages by positioning products in line with the sustainability requirements demanded by Operators and business partners.

Following the success of this first collaboration, AFV Beltrame Group has decided to undertake new studies with Alperia and Spinlife regarding updates of similar product declarations in other plants.

This cutting-edge partnership will contribute to the development of AFV Beltrame Group’s sustainability journey and successfully address the important challenges that the Environment has thrown at us.