Our approach

Spinlife’s services are based on meticulous utilization of the Scientific Methods espoused by the members of our team, who have years of experience in the world of Industrial Research

Rational implementation of product and process management standards (such as ISO 14001ISO 14040-44ISO 14046ISO 14067ISO 9001, and ISO 17025) enables us to produce reliable, solid scientific results that support the strategic decisions of the companies and public bodies that work with us, thanks in part to significant improvements in the flow of company processes.

Our approach is based on simple but structured principles that reflect the scientific background for which we are renowned. We aim to make constant improvements by taking the following steps:

  1. Studying and measuring: we conduct critical analyses of the operating conditions of the organizations that work with us, so that we can draw up a strategic framework and thus offer maximum efficiency and efficacy in our consulting services.
  2. Innovating and implementing: we carry out in-depth analyses of the processes at organizations and identify problems and opportunities for improvements.
  3. Improving and certifying: we propose suitable technological and management solutions, enabling products and processes to be certified in accordance with the relevant ISO standards.
  4. Communicating: we develop content to spread the word about the sustainability of products and organizations.

Spinlife mainly operates in three broad areas: Life Cycle Assessments, Business Management Systems and Training.

“We feel a natural drive to try out innovative approaches and turn them into tangible solutions to improve the sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness of the companies and public bodies that work with us.”